Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies
"Acad. Jordan Malinowski"

Acad. J. Malinowski (1923 - 1996)
Academician Jordan Malinowski was born on 03.06.1923 ...
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Most significant scientific achievement for 2021
Anisotropic optical response of WTe2 single crystal, coordinator prof. Vera Marinova
Tungsten telluride (WTe2) single crystals with a two-dimensional (2D) monoatomic structural form (like graphene), characterized by strong covalent bonds within one layer and weak van der Waals interactions between adjacent layers, which determines exfoliation (separation of layers), ...
Most significant applied scientific achievement for 2021
Composite thin films comprising coal fly ash Na-X zeolites and sol–gel Nb2O5 matrix for optical sensing of acetone vapors, coordinator Prof. Dr. Tsvetanka Babeva
Thin composite films of a sol–gel Nb2O5 matrix doped with coal fly ash Na-X zeolites were deposited by the spin-coating method. Fly ash of lignite coal collected from the ...
About us
The Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies (IOMT) “Academician Jordan Malinowski” has been established on July 1, 2010 by merging two research units: The Central Laboratory of Photo-processes and The Central Laboratory of Optical Recording and Processing of Information.
The main research goals of the institute are:
⁕ Investigation of ...